What are fellowships?

The word ‘fellowship’ has distinctive meanings and elucidations. However, a fellowship generally means a short-term program; something more than a job and not as much as an internship. They go from a couple of months up to 2 years. It concentrates on forming an individual professionally. i.e. The focus is on professional development. Fellowship programs' focal point is specific spaces (specializations), unlike graduate studies which are more disposed towards academics. They are generally sponsored by a specific association or organization seeking to expand leadership in their field. We will let you know about certain renowed fellowships which one shall consider as per their interest

TED Fellowship Program

With a goal to create a global team of thinkers and doers, TED Fellowship program brings with itself a treasure trove of opportunities for people belonging to different sections of society who are driven towards bringing formidable changes in the world around them and striving to make it better each day. The fellowship is not just for leaders, policymakers, business professionals and government officials, but also for every such individual who is a thinker as well as a doer. This may include a class of filmmakers, inventors, doctors, musicians, photographers, entrepreneurs, human rights activists, or the guy next door who is actively engaged in changing the world for the better. There is no concrete algorithm through which selection of candidates is done. The ideal applicant is one who possesses a strong character, has the potential to make an impact on different sections of society, is a master of his pursuits and has succeeded in gaining expertise over a particular area of concern and interest. Extensive reference checking and consultation is done by experts across the globe before selecting candidates. Mentorship opportunities are provided to the fellows along with other expenses. Anyone above the age of 18 can apply either through TED or TEDGlobal to become a part of this project. Fellows are required to attend personalized TED conferences for a total of 8 days and this duration can be extended. This fellowship program is creating gargantuan changes in diversifying the thinking process of people around with exquisite ideas from a new class of extraordinary thinkers. (For complete information,visit here)


Asia Leadership Fellow Program

The kind of a fellowship program that awaits the emergence of a global leader in you, this fellowship is making a giant mark in the International diaspora. Starting in 1996 with the collaboration between The International House of Japan and The Japan Foundation, this program is a boon for individuals who have been deeply rooted in the civil society and playing a leading role in initiating solidarity among concerned masses. Conducted by the Asia Center, Japan Foundation, the selected fellows are invited to reside at the International House of Japan for a period of two months and extensive series of dialogues are conducted to discuss major issues of regional and global concern. The selection policy for this fellowship program is quite rigorous. The individuals who have acquired a certain degree of achievement in their profession and possessing marvellous leadership skills along with a concrete commitment to bringing significant changes in the society beyond their own cultural, social and geopolitical backgrounds are called for being a part of this program. The duration of the program is 2 months. The program does not intend to admit students and young professionals who wish to develop their leadership skills or support individual research projects. It's an awesome program to gain a wider perspective in creating an intellectual impact on the society today for humanitarian causes. (For complete information,visit here)

Young India Fellowship

A multi-disciplinary postgraduate diploma program that aims to bring forth a platform for the agents of change in India, Young India Fellowship truly acts as a guiding light for the young and motivated youth of India to explore their exceptional intellectual ability and commit to bringing revolutionary changes in the society with their supreme leadership potential and inherent passion. Through combining the positives of Liberal arts with the sciences, this fellowship program plays a very important role in exposing individuals to a diverse set of the subject, thought processes and perspectives. The association of the fellowship program with various academic and to international Liberal Arts and Science colleges, in US, France and around the world has made it possible for its fellows to gain maximum exposure in understanding the world around them and build a terrific personality. The admission process is open to the graduates and postgraduates of a recognized university with a decent academic and extra-curricular record. The duration of this program is for 1 year. The placements are stellar and fellows also make it possible to get through some of the best universities in the world. The Young India Fellowship is something our present generation needs today for building a personality that sparks with incredible leadership skills. (For complete information,visit here)

Teach For India Fellowship

A crisis can be resolved smoothly if a team of skilled and motivated professionals come together to bring forth the requisite change. The same holds true for the fellowship program of Teach for India. With an ambition to make quality education reachable to the ignored and weaker sections of the society and bring them to the mainstream from the grassroots levels, Teach for India is truly the type of leadership program our country needs now. Working across diverse sectors and bringing formidable and systematic changes to build a lifelong impact on the brand equity of Indian Education System is the major vision of this non-profit organization. This fellowship program is a bright opportunity for the motivated and promising youth with the best educational backgrounds who can serve on a full-time basis and help impact the lives of children from low-income and under-resourced communities with their necessary skills, education and thought processes.

Working across over 209 schools in Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Bengaluru, the TFI fellow commit to bringing a systematic change by infusing their talents among around 38,000 students from all across the country. The entire selection process consists of three stages which include application submission, AMCAT and interview rounds. The excellence of the candidates is gauged on the basis of their performance in these rounds and the final selection is done. The duration of the fellowship program is for 2 years and can be pursued only after graduation. This program is highly recommended for the graduated youth of the country who want to take their personality to the terrific levels of awesomeness and inculcate supreme leadership qualities. (For complete information,visit here)

LAMP Fellowship

This fellowship provides a unique opportunity for young and motivated youth who want to engage in the policy-making processes of the country. Under the mentorship of a Member of Parliament, the fellows are required to work for a time period of 10-11 months and engage in extensive research support for the parliamentary work of their assigned MPs. The LAMP fellows are primarily responsible for fulfilling the parliamentary duties of the MPs with whom they are required to work with, raise matters of public importance. Bright, motivated and young Indian citizens are eligible to be a part of this fellowship program. Candidates are asked to fill the fellowship application program through an online portal, which consists of the details about their academic background, references and relevant work experience along with a statement of intent and an essay on some policy issue. This is followed by an interview process, after which selection of candidates is done. The duration of the fellowship program is 11 months and can be pursued only after graduation.

This incredible initiative by the Government of India allows young citizens of India to research into topics like public policy, economy, foreign affairs, defence, security and environment. They gain optimum exposure to constituency related matters under expert guidance which proves very helpful in their further career development. (For complete information,visit here)

Gandhi Fellowship

With an aim to create a bunch of motivated and promising young leaders for a country that is consistently crippled by corruption and poverty, Gandhi Fellowship is an incredible initiative to bring about the change that we need. Started by Kaivalya Education Foundation, the major principle behind this fellowship program is inspired by the ideology of Gandhiji which states, "Be the change you wish to see in this world." This carefully structured program requires two years of consistent and rigorous hard work by individuals in order to acknowledge and research over critical issues and face challenges thrown around by the society today and deal with them with their self-awareness, capabilities, competence, and excellence. During the course of the fellowship, five schools are assigned to each fellow where they need to bring around transformational changes. The program desires young individuals who have graduated with a stellar record in academics and extra-curricular activities from diverse streams and possess leadership skills, passion, and a deep sense of responsibility towards fellow citizens of society. The duration of the program is for 2 years. The fellowship program goes a long way in inculcating the skills of excellence, entrepreneurship and helps in building an influential personality. (For complete information,visit here)

Prime Minister Rural Fellowship

Carrying with it the legacy of being anchored in providing catalytic support to the district administration in rural and remote areas of the country, the Prime Minister Rural Fellowship is a committed move of the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, in helping realize the dreams of a nation whose soul rests in villages. Tata Institute of Social Sciences and CAPART (The Council for the Advancement of People's Action and Rural Technology) are the implementing organizations who administer and provide mentorship to support the fellows. The supervision work is done by the district collectors in the field. The fellows are expected to work with the institutions of the poor, felicitate capacity building in the areas of local democracy and assist in the implementation of poverty alleviation programs. The complete duration of the fellowship program is two years and can be pursued only after graduation.

The aspiring candidate needs to fulfil certain eligibility criteria such as being a citizen of India and between 22-27 years of age at the time of application submission. A bachelor's degree from a recognized university with a four-year degree course is mandatory. Excellence in academics and co-curricular activities, work experience and knowledge of local languages is desirable. It is a highly beneficial program for those who want to undertake action-research to discover appropriate methods for designing and implementing innovative projects. (For complete information,visit here)

Azim Premji Foundation Fellowship

This fellowship is an excellent opportunity for those young individuals who visualize of bringing a revolutionary change in the Indian Education system and wish to be a part of it. The major portion of being engaged in this fellowship program includes understanding the profile of educational dialogue through a range of activities and developing sustainable insights into actively designing deep immersion methods into teaching and learning. The fellows are expected to handle the core issues incorporated into the education system of today and build a lifelong perspective in contributing to education with a solid base. The fellowship program expands over two years and provides numerous opportunities to candidates for building an effective understanding of teaching and learning methods. Fellows are posted in the interior districts of the states and union territories of the country and are required to learn about the respective regions and lives of the people as well. This fellowship program admits young and passionate individuals from diverse academic backgrounds with excellent leadership skills. A recognized postgraduate degree along with a minimum of three to ten years of experience is mandatory along with proficiency in local languages in order to become eligible for the fellowship. The duration of the program is for 2 years. This program is truly an inspirational move towards ushering into a new era of the Indian Education system. (For complete information,visit here)

Youth for India Fellowship - SBI

This fellowship program is an excellent opportunity for those passionate individuals who wish to engage in rural development activities and work towards bringing a sustainable change in developing the underprivileged sections of the society. A wide range of engaging projects is made available for fellows that cover an extensive diaspora relating to development and focused planning. Necessary support and guidance are provided by SBI YIF to ensure that the fellows get to experience and cover the entire gamut of topics related to the rural framework and developmental activities related to them. As per the recent statistics, this fellowship program has been instrumental in bringing sustainable changes at 32 locations across nine states of the country. Different projects on health, education, environmental protection, food security, rural livelihoods, traditional crafts, women's empowerment, self-governance, social entrepreneurship, technology and alternate energy are being carried out as a part of this fellowship program. The program looks for individuals who are passionate about creating a positive change in the society and have excellent leadership skills. A bachelor's degree from a recognized university is a mandatory requirement along with superb academics and extra-curricular. The duration of the program is 13 months. If you are ready to be a part of the workforce that drives energy from making lives of underprivileged sections better, then this fellowship program is a gem for you. (For complete information,visit here)


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