Artificial Intelligence

With the advent of technology, people are now able to transform their imagination into reality like never before. Alwin Toffler, after all, was right when he said the third wave in the world after ‘Agriculture’ and ‘Industrialization' would be ‘Technology'. Google tested its driver-less cars, and it is safer than a vehicle driven by a human being. Sophia, a humanoid, is given citizenship by Saudi Arabia. A robot getting a citizenship and making history in the year 2017 only goes on to prove how are machines going to overpower humanity in the next few decades. Henceforth, let us exploit all the opportunities of Artificial Intelligence in this very article.

Artificial Intelligence is the study and application of systems and software that requires a machine to have human intelligence. This involves tasks like speech recognition, visual perception, decision-support et cetera. Artificial Intelligence is estimated to grow so high as to be able to comprehend emotions and feel them let alone register everyday information. Yes! Your machine will be able to feel your pain, your happiness and your anxiety, and this is just the beginning of a new era. Supercomputer ‘Newton' which was launched by IBM can not only search results for you in a much faster way but will fine-tune information and give out relevant results out of all of those that you have to opt from. If this doesn’t give you an idea of the insurgence that Artificial Intelligence is then what will!

A wide range of skills and aptitudes are a part of a typical Jewellery designer. From a good imagination power to the knowledge of designing software like CAD (Computer Aided Design) and knowledge of metals and alloys (chemistry), this career demands you to be best of both worlds.

Skill set required

Apart from the normal communication skills, there is a set of skills that you would need to master to make a successful career in Artificial Intelligence. Remember, it is not only the degree that recruiters look for these days; your skills, talent and experience make your Resume heavier and gives you a cutting edge over the others.

These skills include:

  • Ability to understand machines and their working
  • Analytical and critical thinking ability
  • Ability to solve logic and logical situations
  • Problem-solving a bility keeping in mind the cost-effectiveness
  • Designing and coding
  • Maintaining and repairing machines
  • Ability to perform in a team and this is an essential soft skill required

Subjects of study

While Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly one of the most promising careers of the future, it also has a lot of hard work and skills required to excel in the domain. The main areas (or) subjects of study would be:

  • Programming and designing
  • Math subjects (probability, statistics, algebra and calculus)
  • Algorithm making
  • Physics
  • Engineering and robotics
  • Cryptography
  • Program analysis
  • Computer architecture
  • Database management systems
  • Operating systems

Career Prospects

There are a multiple provinces that aren’t into hardcore technology but are highly dependent on technology. Artificial Intelligence is going to aid these careers prodigiously. Some of these careers could be:

  • Software developer
  • Software analysts
  • Algorithm generators and specialists
  • Software consultants
  • Engineers (Mechanical generally)
  • People who can work with robotic tools
  • Occupational therapists working with artificial body parts
  • Graphic designers
  • Aviation personnel
  • Game Programmer
  • Robotic scientist
  • Military personnel et cetera

Artificial Intelligence promises a bright career in any domain that is somewhere dependent on technology and its advancements. However, careers like interpreter and people who would be able to translate things to a layman would also be highly demanded.

Note: Entry level jobs would require bachelors in Information Technology, Engineering or courses that have mathematics and technology. However, for hardcore jobs, people with a Masters degree or doctoral is required.

Institutes providing courses on AI

India and Institutes in abroad offer a varied range of courses for Artificial Intelligence, some of these include.



Please note that these institutes listed are only for the information. You are not to confuse this with an opinion that this platform is promoting these institutes, and these are prominent as per our research, we do not guarantee anything. One should do his/her research before selecting an institute.


For one to study AI, there are different examinations that an individual has to appear for. These examinations require you to have basic knowledge of Mathematics, Logic, Problem-solving, basics of a computer et cetera. Different institutes have different examinations and pattern. These include:


  • Indian Institute of Technology - Joint Entrance Examination
  • Joint Entrance Examination - Advanced
  • All India Engineering Entrance Examination
  • In general, entrance exams that are required while studying Engineering or a Bachelor in Science.


For ant student to study abroad, he/she will have to prepare for some most common exams like IELTS and TOEFL. Universities also see your academic and extra-curricular staging during the school (or) college years. Apart from this, you might also require giving GRE (Graduate Record Examin ation) and SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). It is also mandatory if you're applying for higher education, presenting some of your works to them for the University to understand your level of skills and talent. You will have to prepare a Personal Statement (or) Statement of Purpose (SOP) to these Universities. an SOP is considered as your most imperative step in seeking admission in foreign universities.

Other courses:

Courses other than universities or colleges can also be done for continuous professional development. These include online learning courses from portals like Coursera, EdX and Udemy. Ivy league colleges and world’s best universities put their courses up online on these portals so you can not restrict yourself from exploring a plethora of options on a click.

To sum this up, Artificial Intelligence is one of the most reassuring careers with stupefying job probabilities and opulence in careers if taken earnestly with a cutting edge.


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Holding a C2 level of CEFR, Tanisha Venkani is currently pursuing content and curriculum development as her profession. She is a licensed career counsellor, English language coach and teacher trainer. She also has stepped her feet into business training with one of the most reputed institutes in Gujarat. She has been in the domain for the last 5 years and trained over 1500 people in various domains.